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Indoor multipurpose sport surfaces

Classic 60
6mm thickness
Classic 90
9mm thickness
Classic 110
11mm thickness
GT 100
10mm thickness
SP Track 160
16mm thickness
Comfort Court
5mm thickness

1. Elastic sublayer
The basis consists of a prefabricated elastic sublayer. This pad is bonded to the subfloor using a solvent-free adhesive.

2. Sealing
The purpose of the first of three synthetic layers poured onto the elastic sublayer is to create seal.

3. Base layer
The second layer is applied thinly, as a final preparation of the floor for the installation of the thicker self-levelling layer that provides mechanical strength to the floor. This synthetic layer provides a solid base and proper fit with walls and floor facilities.

4. Self levelling top layer
Over the base layer, using the same high-quality material and a colour that matches the final colour of the floor, a top layer is applied, which gives the floor its mechanical strength. During this operation, the material is actually poured and distributed with special tools. The self-levelling nature of the material creates the famous seamless.

5. Finishing
These sports floors derive their very high resistance to wear and matt finish from the final water-based sports floor coating. This coating is available in a wide range of classic colours, design colours and custom colours. This coating is considered the state-of-the-art worldwide.

6. Line marking and logos
The finishing touch for every sports floor is the line marking, applied by our line marking specialists. At this stage, any logos may also be applied.

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