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Hard ar gumijas paliktni

The Hard Courts on a Cushioned Sub-base surface is a pavement for indoor courts, made of a 4mm thick prefabricated rubber shock pad and of synthetic resin. The underlying support can be either concrete, asphalt, or wood. This pavement provides all the attributes of the synthetic surfaces, with the added comfort of its 4mm additional base.

Playing Surface

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These courts are available in different colours:
  • Light and dark green;
  • light and dark terra cotta;
  • light and dark blue.


Minimum temperature outdoors 12ºC on ground during the day, 8ºC at night. Indoors 15ºC day and night. Base perfectly clean, without any spots of diesel fuel, grease.


Sweeping as necessary
Foresee a surface renovation every 5-7 years

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