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Classic Hard Courts
Cushioned Hard Courts
Hard Courts on a Cushioned Sub-base

When it comes to playing characteristics, hard courts are considered to be the fastest courts. It is so, because this type of court has asphalt (sometimes - concrete) as a sub-base that is covered with special acrylic synthetic material. Acrylic layers give the court its colour and playing characteristics, e.g. different types and speed of the ball bounce. It is important to note that two out of four Grand Slams (Australian Open and US Open) are played on hard courts.  The installation of these surfaces you can order from us:

Plexicushion Prestige ("Australian Open")

DecoTurf ("US Open")

There are different types of Hard Courts: from the simplest, 4-layered to the professional 12-layered courts with several cushion layers. What type of hard court is made depends on the amount of layers, on the amount of sand and rubber granulate. Hard courts can also be installed over a sub-base made of rubber or PVC mats.

Though You can easily economise, by installing the simplest court, such a court will not make your play comfortable and will not spare Your feet and legs.

We offer:
ITF Category
(click to enlarge)
Classic Hard Court
Club/Amateur (4 layers)
4 cat.
Medium - Fast
(click to enlarge)
Classic Hard Court
(6-7 layers)
3 cat.
(click to enlarge)
Classic Hard Court
SUPER Cushioned
(9 layers)
3 cat.
(click to enlarge)
Hard Court
"Grand Slam"
with a special cushion layers (total 12 layers)
4 cat.
Medium-Fast and
3 cat.
Note: these surfaces are installed over an asphalt sub-base

Hard courts have several main advantages:
  • Professionalism: professional tennis players like to play on hard courts;

  • Longevity: hard court keeps its playing characteristics and colour for many years;

  • All-weather: if Your hard court has been installed properly, You can continue playing in just 15-20 minutes after the rain has stopped, using only water rollers;

  • Economy: in the process of exploitation, hard court requires almost no expenses;

  • Individuality: you can make a court to suit your individual playing characteristics, by choosing various textures of the top layer.

But also, there are several aspects which You have to take into account, when You are choosing your personal hard court.

Proper shoes: on hard courts, it is necessary to use only the shoes intended for playing on hard courts. These shoes must also be “non-marking”.
Cleanliness: hard court doesn't stand any dirt - such as street shoes, chewing gum, coloured drinks, food and some other stuff that can spoil the surface of the court. All this must be fully forbidden on a hard court.
Possible injury: Classic Hard courts, without cushion, shall not be used as Your main courts for everyday practices. Don’t economise by installing less cushion layers if You are installing a court for kids or if You are going to play on this court every day.
Simple renovation: You should replace at least the top layer (but it is better if You replace the base layers as well) to bring Your court’s playing characteristics back to normal, because if You are using Your courts very intensively during 4-6 years, the texture of a top layer can become a little bit wiped.

It is necessary to mention that the installation of a hard court can seem quite simple, but it requires professional skills and must be done by the specially trained team.

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